Little Stars LED String Lights


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Low power consumption, high efficiency, long life, cold light source, long-time lighting, rich colors, easy installation, low maintenance rate, not fragile, high brightness, easy to bend, high temperature resistance, good water resistance, green environmental protection, low pressure, Energy-saving, high safety, light weight, small size, no welding points, high flexibility, can be bent moderately, and made in any shape without breaking easily


Name: Copper wire five-pointed star modeling lamp

Product specifications: 1M 10LED/2M 20LED/3M 30LED/4M 40LED/5M 50LED/6M 60LED

Controller: USB interface


  • Municipal lighting for buildings, landscapes, environments, bridges, stadiums and airports;
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting for schools, hospitals, ancient buildings, churches, and companies
  • Background decoration for exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows
  • Interior and exterior decoration of hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and hot spring baths
  • Retail atmosphere decoration of shopping malls, store design, displays, etc.
  • Landscape decoration of ground, water feature, fountain, swimming pool and hot spring
  • Stage environment decoration for theater, TV studio, film set, dance and photography
  • Atmosphere decoration of exhibits in exhibitions, planetariums, zoos, aquariums and memorials