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Lightzey Installation Instruction Book

Sep 27,2022 | WENYI DONG

Getting your new lights from Lightzey is always exciting, but installing them before they're on may be difficult. No worries! We've got your back, in this blog post we've included our installation book for you. Make your room shine with it!

Installation Guide

Read these instructions completely and carefully.


Turn the power off before inspection, installation, or removal


Follow all NEC and local codes.


Products should be installed by these instructions. This light module is intended to be installed only by qualified personnel.

  • WARNING: To avoid electric shock, disconnect power at the source before installation.

Alteration of the fixture or accessories will void the warranty.

For indoor installations only. Do not use where ambient temperature exceeds 104* *F (40°C), suitable for use in environments with 0-80% humidity. Using this product in environments outside of these ranges will impact LED life negatively.

  1. To avoid electrical shock, do not turn on the fixture with the missing or damaged lens.
  2. There are no serviceable parts inside the LED module.
  3. Suitable for indoor dry locations only.

The use of chemicals or solvents may degrade the housing finish or its protective coating. Use only a bar of mild soap and/or a slightly damp soft cloth to clean the fixture. Harsh chemicals will damage the lens and/or fixture.

Do not wipe the fixture with a rough cloth that may scratch the finish or the lens.

Prepare Electrical Wiring

Electrical Requirements

The LED luminaire must be connected to the mains supply according to its ratings on the product label.

Grounding Instructions

Grounding and bonding of the overall system ( I ) shall be done following the local electric code of the country where the luminaire is installed.


The luminaire may fall if the inner bezel is not secured properly to the outer bezel.

Ensure that the whole loop is positioned and secured under the washer.

Save These Instructions

Use only in the manner intended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer.

► Installation Steps

NOTE: LED is the electrostatic sensitive light source, please pay attention to avoid touching the LED light source with your hands or foreign objects, so as not to damage the LED light source!

Drill a 6 mm diameter hole in the ceiling and insert the expansion screw in the accessory bag into the hole.

  • Please read the installation and precautions carefully before installation and use.
  • The installation of lamps is strictly following the manual.
  • The Installation and maintenance of lamps should be operated by professional technicians.
  • Make sure that the power supply has been cut off Before installing the lamp.
  • Wear dean gloves when installing and do not touch the light-transmitting parts with your hands directly to avoid soiling the lamp body.
  • During regular maintenance, do not wipe with a Thinner or corrosive solution.
  • Do not install the lamp In a high temperature or humid environment.