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The ancient Greek philosopher Plato had a cave metaphor: Someone was walking in the cave, fire light came in from outside the cave, and the shadow of the person was cast on the cave wall to flicker. Some people said that this is the beginning of the principle of light and shadow imaging in modern movies. Lightzey said that this is the testimony of the ancient people's pursuit of the beauty of light.
Darwin wrote: Walking in the dark with a lamp, the light illuminates the pattern of the floor tiles, he goes forward, the light followed, so he sees different patterns, although they can not capture the complete impression, but they are constantly surprised. ——Lighting brings infinite fun.
Edison made countless inventions in his life, but the most popular is the electric light. The soft light of electric lamps makes people move freely in the dark. People love electric lights as much as they love the sun during the day.
Inspired by three great men, Lightzey pursues "Beauty, Fun and Love". We firmly believe that: lighting is not only a product for lighting up, but also a work of art that combines aesthetic concepts, fashion elements, and technological achievements. We are always looking for funky, space-aesthetic lighting around the world that provide our customers a more comfortable, efficient and safe living environment.
Our vision is to perfectly combine the decorative and practical functions of the lighting. Our lighting system can beautify the space and improve the environment. By combining traditional light source lamps, LED lamps with analog or digital control products, we can bring you the lighting experience you need anytime, anywhere. Our innovative lighting system will prioritize factors such as improving energy efficiency and sustainability, and reducing operating costs. We focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing basic applications to dynamic lighting fixtures of various colors to help you improve the quality of life and enjoy the infinite fun brought by lighting.
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